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we are asking the hard questions about social media and mental health




    Analysis of social media addiction - a 21st century epidemic


    As we know, something is very wrong in tech. We have been writing about this for years at #what5words - we have some ideas, some very simple, some a lot more complex. Some will help, a few already are a little - and sometimes a little is a lot. Phones can be our tools again, they are not our friends.

    However we fundamentally believe that technology when carefully utilised, can bring about change, with cross cultural  awareness of important issues. At best, as we saw throughout history, technology can bring about a better world, where it doesn't control us. 

    The Web world, we now know medically, accidentally completely changed our children's neurocognitive development in those that were susceptible. Those at low risk of addiction previously, genetically, all across society, are now at high risk. This is neuroscience. It's very hard to place blame, but we definitely can't at those with addictions. Now more than ever, they need our understanding. 

    This is neuroscience, but science is behind. Are you a economist? In tech? Anthropology? Anyone, if you have ideas, if you see a paradox or have a thought, it might be something. We can come together, by questioning our biases, by analysing other people, focusing on where we agree, to work out technology, and mental health. This can bring about positive, deep change and inclusiveness cross culturally in society.

    changing facebook, one step at a time

    Where we are - whats the plan?


    @Whatfivewords is a Facebook  community, started in November 2018, by the owner of What5words Tapui Limited, me

    Across the world, we shared some thoughts and poems, and we pondered a little as to where they were engaged. We then kept asking little questions. 

    Facebook noticed, and we're here. We'll keep thinking of little questions, caring the best we can, through this crisis. Most of our thoughts  come from you. 

    Our Commitment


    The strategy live in Kickstarter, involves a unique children's picture book, called Dr Sparrow. Trying to publish and illustrate this book required us to structure as a social enterprise. We always have been, and continue to be firmly committed to reinvesting profits, if there are any, as we restructure, into mental health treatment and research, and promotion of cross cultural empathy.

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    Our methods

    Analysing psychiatry


    In the millennials, in all generations and in our Web 3.0 world, with the categories that psychiatrists use, how often do they need to be rethought? How much of this can merge with current neuroscience?

    We definitely don't know. We just ask  questions, and support psychiatry as it does as well.


    Thinking about politics


    Society changed so much recently. Surely most of us can see that this was partially due to the internet. We scream  "I am right", much more often than "I don't know". But surely politics can get back together. It already is trying some places. Just not "over there".


    Thinking about the children


    Without focusing on the children and the adolescents first, with preventative healthcare, and readjustment around technology, how on earth will we ever save our planet?`

    The children will have to...

    survival international

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    We do not have all the answers.

    We all need to think very carefully about this.

    But we remain positive, we're quite sure that a brighter world is ahead. 

    New tech, new systems, might be coming, weare.care - we might learn to understand each other again.

    And control our technology again.

    Especially "over there".